Trollworld Dragon Eggs

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Dragon Eggs
Dragon Eggs
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Life Force: 80
Speed: 4 tpa
Points: 2251
No Strengths
No Weaknesses
Summoning Costs
Herb Essences Herb Essences 60.000
Crystal Splinters Crystal Splinters 38.000
Power Stones Power Stones 51.000
Gold Gold Resin 44.000
Mana Mana 3.000
Summoned: Breeding Pit
Room: 100
Revival Costs
Power Stones Power Stones 120,000
Mushrooms Mushrooms 3,000
Tree of Life: Level 10
Breeding Pit: Level 5
Hero Statue: Level 1

Through deep arcane studies you have gained the wisdom of summoning Dragon Eggs in your Breeding Pit. Placing a Dragon Egg on an unoccupied valley will cause it to grow a new Tree of Life. See also founding palaces.

Dragon Eggs can release the Mana used to summon them, giving the only possible way to transfer Mana between palaces. See Mana for more information on this.

Dragon Eggs are also used to transport resources. Each Dragon Egg can carry 1000 resource units.

Unlike other creatures, Dragon Eggs are summoned in cycles of four instead of the normal one hour (which is why the number may state .25 eggs per hour). The Breeding Pit's level determines how many eggs are produced in this period of time.

Dragon Eggs are very resistent. Just like Unicorn Carts, only 10% the damage a normal creature would receive is directed to them (see also battle system).


At one time, a lot of dragons hatched out of it, but you have to be careful when speaking about them as there are two different kinds of Dragon Eggs. The first kind is the natural Dragon Egg - dragons still hatch out of these. The other kind is the magic Dragon Egg - conjured by a Magician. The Dragon Egg has got a majestic aura, it shimmers in the most precious colours when touched by the sunlight. In the morning it glows soft green to Light blue, at noon it glows in colours ranging from Light red to orange and in the evening it glares in an insistent Gold. During these magic hours, when the Dragon Egg gleams golden, it breaks open, sheds a golden liquid and a new Tree of Life will grow and flourish in the vale.

Although many people think, the Dragon Egg is "only" an egg, they are mistaken, because the Dragon Egg can grow up to one and a half meters in diameter and therefore tops most of the other known eggs. When you take a closer look, the Dragon Egg seems to be very scaly and almost leathery, but it is smooth like ice. When a Magician puts his hand on the hard, impervious eggshell, legends say that he can feel a slight prickle like being in a trance...

The Dragon Egg, as every Magician knows, is created in the legendary Breeding Pit. How it exactly comes to be, nobody knows - but it is said that by using Gold Resin, Power Stones and a secret formula, the Dragon Egg will come into being and start to grow. For centuries the scholars and sages have been puzzled about the mysterium of the Dragon Egg at their universities - but they have hardly scratched the surface. Yet the small insights were enough to acquire the skill of creating Dragon Eggs and recovering the valuable Mana from them.