Trollworld Unicorn Carts

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Unicorn Carts
Unicorn Carts
Attack: 0
Defense: 0
Life Force: 20
Speed: 2 tpa
Points: 7
No Strengths
No Weaknesses
Summoning Costs
Herb Essences Herb Essences 500
Crystal Splinters Crystal Splinters 400
Power Stones Power Stones 150
Gold Gold Resin 0
Mana Mana 3
Summoned: Breeding Pit
Room: 12
Revival Costs
Power Stones Power Stones 120
Mushrooms Mushrooms 3
Breeding Pit: Level 1

Unicorn Carts are used to transport resources. Each cart can carry 1000 resource units. Unicorn Carts can be summoned in the Breeding Pit and are the fastest creatures (together with Storm Fairies), apart from a hero without creatures.

In battle, only 10% of the Unicorn Carts' Life Force are used to calculate their damage share (see Battle system for further explanations), i.e. they get only 10% of the damage any other creature with the same Life Force would receive.

Mana cannot be transported by Unicorn Carts, all other resources can.


It is an ancient tradition that every single Magician, male or female, Light or Shadow, uses this Creature, because it is the most reliable of all Creatures. On the one hand it suffers less damage in fights, and it also can carry a plenty of resources.

A twisted and bent horn grows out of the top of the white or black unicorn's forehead, which shines in the sunlight and when the unicorn runs, it cuts through the air which makes it look even more majestic than it is in the first place. The Unicorn pulls a small and unimpressive cart, but through the most powerful spells it has become a mighty means of transport.

The Unicorn is a playful animal, that is born with, as it seems, everlasting youth and indomitable joy at running through the world. It grows to be about the same size as a usual horse, but has stronger legs and eyes, which makes it able to run across even the stoniest terrains and through the night.

Since before our time Unicorns have fascinated the Magicians and the learned. Often people who live in the countryside tell their children tales of legendary Unicorns, that rescued whole towns, prevented wars or even ran to the end of the world and back...