Dwarfworld Warrior Priests

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Warrior Priests
Warrior Priests
Attack: 4
Defense: 4
Life Force: 65
Speed: 4 tpa
Points: 17
4fold: Children of Power
2fold: Ice Warriors
1/6: Fire Devils
4fold: Wild Centaurs
2fold: Axe Swinging Dwarves
Summoning Costs
Herb Essences Herb Essences 650
Crystal Splinters Crystal Splinters 570
Power Stones Power Stones 250
Gold Gold Resin 320
Mana Mana 10
Summoned: Xhodotorian Cocoon
Room: 40
Revival Costs
Power Stones Power Stones 400
Mushrooms Mushrooms 10
Fountain of War: Level 20
Xhodotorian Cocoon: Level 3
Tree of Life: Level 15


Every Hero leading a horde can be proud of having Warrior Priests within his ranks.

Not only their height of up to two and a half meters but also their awesome appearance work to their advantage and impart the respect of the horde to them. Warrior Priests are marked by their ancient book of magic, a powerful often enchanted war hammer and pompous armor, partially robe, partially harness. Their faces are disfigured and covered with scars.

Through their magical powers Warrior Priests are able to turn into inconspicuous monks. This way they can hide in the cities until they are found by their masters whenever they get "lost", which happens from time to time. But every Magician should know that Warrior Priests are avoided by all living things within the hordes as well as in the cities and palaces of humans and Magicians. Warrior Priests tend to murmur magic formulas and prayers which gives them an eerie appearance – therefore they prefer to stay among their peers.

In battle and within the horde it is most important that Warrior Priests are not to fight side by side with the Children of Power as a child's laughter steers them into a furious rage and nothing will be able to stop them.

It is said that they are able to melt ice and iron with their words alone. And beware! Warrior Priests are easily irritable. As soon as they become furious they loose control over their actions. Only one thing is sure in such a situation – it doesn't matter who wins. One of the opponents is going to die.

The scrolls of time report that Warrior Priests once were a race of their own, highly independent of Magicians and their palaces. They used to serve the shadows but were then cornered, torn out of the depths of darkness and imprisoned in a magical eternal prison. All Creatures of Shadow and Light that ever stayed in this prison received a magical power from the Felúndin. This magical power can be accessed by all Magicians whether they belong to Shadow or Light.