Dwarfworld Tree Giants

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Tree Giants
Tree Giants
Attack: 32
Defense: 32
Life Force: 120
Speed: 5 tpa
Points: 70
4fold: Doubleedged Axe Dwarves
2fold: Elf Rangers
1/30: Death Angels
4fold: Stone Throwing Trolls
2fold: Elf Mages
Summoning Costs
Herb Essences Herb Essences 3900
Crystal Splinters Crystal Splinters 3900
Power Stones Power Stones 800
Gold Gold Resin 750
Mana Mana 42
Summoned: Xhodotorian Cocoon
Room: 168
Revival Costs
Power Stones Power Stones 1680
Mushrooms Mushrooms 42
Palace Courtyard: Level 45
Xhodotorian Cocoon: Level 8


A quiet whispering pervades the forests of Xhodon. In the silence you hear them, you hear the wind carrying their stories and you hear the branches and the ground cracking beneath them. Those are the Tree Giants, the great guardians of the woods and the judges over the fates of lost souls in the ancient forests of the world.

With a height of up to 16 meters they are one of the Magicians' largest Creatures. Neither their ancient knowledge nor their reason can prevent them from literally "throwing" themselves into the battle. Although they seem strong, very old and even invincible, they are weak inside because they feel immense pain when one of their branches breaks away. Once a Tree Giant is in a fury, it is advisable for all Creatures to take cover and try not to attract attention.

But Elf Rangers and Doubleedged Axe Dwarves often do not pay attention to that - they are too proud and ignorant to hide from a Tree Giant, because they only see simple trees in them. But the powerful Tree Giants are afraid of Stone Throwing Trolls and Elf Mages, because these can inflict enormous damage upon them. So a legend told about Tree Giants says that during the time when the Tree Giants were dreaded and respected everywhere, a fight took place between the oldest and most powerful Tree Giant ever and the chiefs of the Elf Mages and Stone Throwing Trolls. Shortly, the Tree Giant was defeated and the myth about their invincibility was shattered.