Trollworld Children of Power

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Children of Power
Children of Power
Attack: 3
Defense: 3
Life Force: 15
Speed: 4 tpa
Points: 6
4fold: Stone Throwing Trolls
2fold: Fire Fairies
4fold: Warrior Priests
2fold: Hysterical Centaurides
Summoning Costs
Herb Essences Herb Essences 300
Crystal Splinters Crystal Splinters 400
Power Stones Power Stones 110
Gold Gold Resin 25
Mana Mana 3
Summoned: Xhodotorian Cocoon
Room: 12
Revival Costs
Power Stones Power Stones 120
Mushrooms Mushrooms 3
Palace Courtyard: Level 5
Tree of Life: Level 20

Despite their small stature, their playful appearance and their human like appearance you should never underestimate the Children of Power. Born with strong magical powers they do not hesitate to use them against their enemies when angered.

Certain points mark their difference to normal children. They have snow white skin and wear a kind of partial harness which never seems to rust. Also their eyes glow red which shows a certain bloodthirstiness. When threatened or fighting with the horde a Child of Power is surrounded by a flame which can glow in the colours of the four elements – red, blue, yellow or green. Under such circumstances they should be avoided as they become unpredictable.

Old stories of human kind claim that the Children of Power come to the villages at night to steal human children who are then turned into one of them to become playmates.