Dwarfworld Doubleedged Axe Dwarves

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Doubleedged Axe Dwarves
Doubleedged Axe Dwarves
Attack: 9
Defense: 8
Life Force: 165
Speed: 5 tpa
Points: 43
4fold: Wild Centaurs
2fold: Axe Swinging Dwarves
1/20: Cycolpes
4fold: Tree Giants
2fold: Singing Half Giants
Summoning Costs
Herb Essences Herb Essences 1700
Crystal Splinters Crystal Splinters 1200
Power Stones Power Stones 1130
Gold Gold Resin 530
Mana Mana 25
Summoned: Xhodotorian Cocoon
Room: 104
Revival Costs
Power Stones Power Stones 1040
Mushrooms Mushrooms 26
Fountain of War: Level 40
Stone Mantle: Level 15
Xhodotorian Cocoon: Level 7


Aside from the Axe Swinging Dwarves there is one more kind of dwarves – the Doubleedged Axe Dwarves. They can grow to a height of about 5' 5" and usually have white or blond full beards. Typical for them is their double-edged battle axe, their magnificent heavy armor made of the most noble metals and their winged helmets.

The Doubleedged Axe Dwarves may have some similarities with the Axe Swinging Dwarves, like being drunk in every tavern or being up front in a fight. But they never drink before a battle. Another difference between the Axe Swinging Dwarf and the Doubleedged Axe Dwarf is that they live much longer in a fight. Their armor has a better plating, so the enemy's arrows just rebound. And because of the "hail of arrows" from the defender, they fall into a fanatic flash. They forget everyone and everything around them, seeing only the enemy before them.

It's said amongst Magicians and humans it's good to have a Doubleedged Axe Dwarf as a friend, because they are said to bring good luck.