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The realm surrounding a Tree of Life, is called Palace. Here all the summoned buildings can be seen. At the root of the Tree of Life stands the real Palace with the Palace Courtyard. Distributed over the valley are the other buildings.

Palace screen

A click on the button labelled with Palace in the main screen opens the palace screen. In the top you can see the tree of life with your buildings. If you click on any of the buildings, you get directly to that building. The same happens, if you click on these buildings in the drop down menu under the palace button.

Moving heroes

Button Palace in the Menu Bar

In the palace screen in the lower half you can see a table which show all travelling heroes in the range of vision of your Mad Eye. The higher you conjure your Mad Eye the greater is the range of vision. If there are more than ten heroes visible at one time you can expand the table with the buttons Show more or Show all. You can browse through the pages with the buttons at the bottom of the table. At first the heroes in the table are sorted by their distance to your palace. A click on the column headings will sort them by a different criterion. The value right of the coordinates in the columns Position and Destination shows the distance of this points in areas to your own palace.

Remark: If one of your own heroes leaves the visibility range of your Mad eye, you can follow his movement on the hero screen. In the column Command you can see, what that hero will do, when he reaches his destination. But beware, the order can change any time. Someone travelling peaceful with "Move" can proceed to attack shortly before he reaches his destination.


grey This hero is a pegasus, a transport hero.
purple One or more players are moving together in a War Camp
red One of your palaces or heroes is about to be attacked
blue A hero with the command "Move" is on the way to your palace
green A hero with the command "Resource delivery" is on the way to your palace

Coordinates and palace name

Coordinates and palace name

In the upper left you can choose the active palace. There you can see the coordinates for this palace. The first two values are for the area, the third for the valley in that area. If you click on the name of the palace it changes to an input box. You can now rename the palace.

Found a palace

Anzahl der benötigen Dracheneier
Troll World Dwarf World
Hauptpalast Free
2. Palace 1 1
3. Palace 10 10
4. Palace 100 100
5. Palace 500 1000
6. Palace 1000 10000
7. Palace 2000 100000
8. Palace 4000 1000000
9. Palace 7000 10000000
10. Palace 11000 100000000
11. Palace 16000 1000000000
12. Palace 22000 10000000000
13. Palace 29000 100000000000
14. Palace 37000 1000000000000
15. Palace 46000 10000000000000
... ... ...

You can found additional palaces respectively plant Trees of Life to expand your realm and to be able to produce more resources and creatures at the same time. To plant a new Tree of life you need a certain number of Dragon Eggs. If you have enough dragon eggs, you can load them onto a hero and send them to a free village of your choice. After you have planted your tree you have all resources which you have sent together with your eggs on Unicorn Carts, in your new palace. In addition you will have a starting amount of 1700 mana there. If you send dragon eggs with the command "Send Mana" to a palace, the eggs will be converted back into 3000 mana, but the points for the egg and all other resources are lost. You will not lose the points if you use the Dragon Eggs to plant a new tree.

Tip: All travelling heroes except the pegasus are vulnerable to attacks from Crystalline Catapults. To protect your precious eggs from such an attack, you should give this important mission to a Pegasus.


Palaces can be attacked, e.g. to steal resources. One can only kill creatures and loot the resources, which are not protected by the Secret Cavern. The palace itself can not be damaged or overtaken. All creatures in the Palace Courtyard and the hordes of any present hero defend their home in case of an attack. The Stone Mantle and the Crystal Tower provide protection to the defenders. One can also use the Crystalline Catapult to fire on the attacker.