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This link leads to the official forum of Xhodon. Here are some questions answered and topics discussed around the game.

Hall Chat

The hall is an IRC -based chat. Here you can meet other players. The Button operates as an On/Off Toggle

Getting Started

This section provides tips for the first hours of the game and answers the important questions.


The link wisdom opens up the "tech tree" of Xhodon. Here you can see, what conditions must be met to build structures and creatures.


This leads to this wiki. The Wiki, the manual for Xhodon.


A click on "Logout" ends the session and returns to Xhodon homepage .

Main Menu


In the palace you can monitor the heroes that are within range of the your mad eye of that palace. The Palace functions as a sub-menu, letting you see various buildings, their hourly production, myth & active effects by clicking on their images.


In the Xhodotorian Cocoon various creatures are summoned.

Breeding Pit

The breeding pit, where all other creatures are bred.

Mad Eye

The mad eye shows the world map. Here you can view and orchestrate attacks on sentinels and other palaces. Depending on the level of its incantation the eye can see many different fields in the vicinity.

Secret Cavern

In the secret cavern, raw materials and creature can be hidden to insure safety from attack. Resources are automatically protected.


Here, buildings and similar structures created and raised in levels.


In this area heroes can be created or be sent on missions using various commands on the road.


Under quests the player is asked a series of tasks. When met, rewards will come in the form of raw materials . The first quests are a tutorial.


One can view a summary of information about their magician, as well as access game account settings. Other Magicians can view their page, and make pearl offers here.


The Might shows various rankings based on Leagues, total ranking, and guild rankings.


Guilds are groups of magicians that pursue common goals. Here you get information about your own guild, as well as about other guilds.


As the game progresses you will find items that one can use to enchant their production or hoards. . These may be items of clothing or armor or weapons. Here you will find the inventory of your magician and can equip or destroy various items.


Various potions exist that magicians can create that provide effects ranging from summoning sentinels, to enhancing horde attack or resource production. This area is now disabled in the dwarf world but available on troll world.


Here you can send or receive messages to other players. Many system messages, such as battle reports , you will also be capable of viewing.


The Scribe keeps a record of all important events.


Magic can be done using runes, from unlocking premium features, teleporting resources or creature & trading ingredients and resources for others with the Merchant of magic. Magical account opens more functions here.

Merchant: Here you can for the price of runes trade one commodity for another ("trading system").

Buy runes: Here you can rune buy for real money. Profits go to the Xhodon team to help keep the game running.

Friends online

Here you can see who on their friends list is currently online. One becomes a profile routed.


At the bazaar items and dragon eggs can be bought or sold.