Dwarfworld Crystalline Catapult

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Dwarfworld Crystalline Catapult
Building Crystalline Catapult.png
Function: to attack enemies
Cave of Crystals: Level 15
Resin Vein: Level 5
Crystal Tower: Level 3

With the Crystalline Catapult you can fire at your enemies.

Each of your catapult's shots at other Heroes costs you Crystal Splinters. The expansion level of the catapult determines the range and the maximum capacity of resources to be used in the shot. The more Crystal Splinters you use for firing, the more damage the Crystalline Catapult will cause.

There is a random effect, so the damage varies. The greater the distance, the less accurate the shot will be and the more will its damage vary.

When you fire at a Hero who has no war horde with him, he will tumble into a time vortex and be banished into another area of the empire.

When a Hero is stationed in his Palace or in a Palace he is allied with, he is under Palace protection and you cannot fire at him. The button will be labeled "Palace protection" instead of "Fire!"

Allied heroes will have their button labeled "Friendly Fire!", but you may still shoot them if you so wish.

But be alert! When you fire at someone who normally cannot attack you (i.e. who has more than ten times your points), he will then be able to attack you for the next 48 hours.


Your catapult does not have infinite reach. You can conjure it further to be able to fire at heroes in more distant areas: From level 16 onwards you can fire at heroes in neighbouring areas, with level 65 and higher you can fire at heroes within a distance of two areas.


The Crystalline Catapult doesn't shoot automatically but must be operated manually. Click the catapult to see the list of possible targets in reach (the class system protects players too weak from your catapult). Adjust the slider to the number of Crystal Splinters you want to use and, once you have decided which hero to attack, click the button "Fire!" next to that hero's name. You will get a message with the results.

The catapult needs 12 ticks (one hour) to reload until you can use it again.

Conjuring costs

These formulas are only suppositions!

Conjuring costs Herb Essences = 1500 * level2
Conjuring costs Crystal Splinters = 1800 * level2
Conjuring costs Power Stones =  600 * level2
Conjuring costs Gold Resin =  250 * level2
Conjuring costs Mana =  803.7 * level

(use common rounding method)

Experienced data:

to Level
Costs Points max. Crystals
Herb Essences Crystal Splinters Power Stones Gold Resin Mana
1 1'500 1'800 600 250 804 200
5 37'500 45'000 15'000 6'250 4'018