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Button Items in the Menu Bar

You will find weapons and clothes during the game which you can equip to your magician. You can see your inventory by clicking the "Items" button in the menu bar.

The stats of most items are random, but there are rare set items which give extra bonuses if you wear all parts of the set at the same time.

Every item has a level from 1 to 21. High level items have stronger bonuses than low level items.


There are sets for each alignment: light and shadow. All items of one set have the same requirement. If you equip and activate all items of one set, you will get a bonus additionally to the items' individual effects. A special type of set are the league item sets. One part of them is given to ranks 1 to 3 of each league on evaluation and have the same stats for both alignments. Note: Even though the stats are the same, you can only wear league items of your alignment.

Item effects

The following chart shows which attributes an item can have.

possible Item bonuses
Effect Item
Head Weapon Shoes Ring Amulet Torso Hands
Increased production Herb Essences   Herb Essences Herb Essences        
Increased production Crystal Splinters         Crystal Splinters   Crystal Splinters
Increased production Power Stones   Power Stones Power Stones        
Increased production Gold Resin Gold Resin           Gold Resin
Increased production Mana         Mana Mana  
Increased capacity Secret Cavern Secret Cavern capacity         Secret Cavern capacity  
Increased item drop chance from sentinels          
Increased resource loot from sentinels       Sentinel resources      
Conversion of Sentinel Creatures Sentinels           Sentinels
Increased Artefact bonus       Suléancrystal      
Increased attack against Light/Shadow
Decreased attack against Shadow/Light
    Attack vs. Light/Shadow Attack vs. Light/Shadow      
Increased defence against Light/Shadow
Decreased defence against Shadow/Light
      Defence vs. Light/Shadow   Defence vs. Light/Shadow  
Increased attack   Attack     Attack    
Increased defence             Defence
Increased life force     Life     Life  

Hint: The production bonuses of several items are calculated separately. The bonuses are always rounded up, so the actually bonus income is higher than it'll be, if you calculate the bonus altogether (shown in the box on the right side of the inventory.

Example: Your tree of life produces 45 mana per tick. Your shoes give a bonus of 1.5% on mana, your necklace 0.6%, and your vest 2.3%. In the box will be shown "+4.4% mana", which would be +2 mana per tick. But actually they count separately, so it's 1.5% of 45 for the shoes (+1), 0.6% of 45 for the necklace (+1), and 2.3% of 45 for the vest (+2), which would be a total increase of +4 mana per tick.



Every group of sentinels level 2 or higher has a small chance to drop an item. Stronger sentinels have a higher drop rate.

Hint: Remember to have a connected 3x3 slots field in your inventory free for the biggest item, a torso piece, before you go into a fight. If there is no fitting space for an item you find, it will be destroyed immediately.


When the leagues are rearranged, the 3 best of each league will get a league set item. Apart from buying them at the Bazaar, this is the only way to get those league set items.

Equipping items

To equip your magician with an item, you must meet its requirements, which are mentioned in the item description. These requirements are certain levels in your skills, so do not just spend your skill points gained by meditating on any skill. Instead, wait until you get an item that actually needs you to invest your skill points.

An item needs to get activated after you equipped it for its bonuses work. This will cost you a rune or one hour worth of mana production of your main palace.

Destroying Items

To destroy an item, drag and drop it to the "rift" next to the inventory. The destroyed item is irrecoverably lost.