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Exerpt from a battle against a sentinel. Creatures converted in earlier battles are framed green, creatures converting in this battle are framed red.

Sentinel creatures reviving and joining your ranks after battle is called Conversion. This is caused by a certain Item effect.


To receive conversion, you are required to have an item with the effect "Conversion of Sentinel Creatures" activated. Depending on the effect strength (high/low number) and the sentinel's level, more or less creatures will convert. A random effect decides what type of creatures and how many exactly within certain limits (which depend on the effect strength) convert.


If and how many creatures have converted can be seen in the battle report. Next to the normal data of your horde, there will be a fourth column "Converted" showing the numbers of converted creatures.

Using sentinel creatures

You can use sentinel creatures just like any other creatures you can summon yourself. Load them to your heroes and use them to attack or defend. You can get more information about each creature type in the wisdom.