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In the world of Xhodon there are the following five types of resources. For each resource there is a production building whose efficiency depends on its level of conjuration.

Herb Essences Crystal Splinters Power Stones Resin Vein Mana
Herb Essences Crystal Splinters Power Stones Gold Resin Mana

There is also an angel for each resource who will increase the appropriate building's production by a certain percentage for one week, in exchange for five runes. See also magic.

Herb Essences

Herb Essences Herb Essences (short: "Herb" or "Essence") are harvested from the School of Herbs. The production increases with each level of conjuration. Herb essences are an essential material needed for all buildings and creatures, so make sure you always have enough.

Crystal Splinters

Crystal Splinters Crystal Splinters (short: "Crystals") are mined in the Cave of Crystals. With each successive level of conjuration of the Cave of Crystals you will receive more Crystal Splinters each tick. Although often less Crystal Splinters are needed than Herb Essences, they are still needed for all types of buildings and creatures.

Power Stones

Power Stones Power Stones (short: "Stones") are collected from the Stone Root. In line with the other buildings, conjuring the Stone Root higher will increase the number of Power Stones it drops. Power Stones are needed mostly for creatures but there are also important buildings that require them.

Resin Vein

Gold Resin Gold Resin (short: "Gold") leaks from the Resin Vein of your Tree of Life. With each successive level of conjuration, the Resin Vein produces more Gold Resin. As it is the rarest of all resources, it is also very valuable. Most creatures need Gold Resin, as do some buildings


Mana The Tree of Life produces a rare and precious substance known as Mana. With each successive level of conjuration in the Tree of Life you will receive more Mana from it. This is the most valuable of all resources, as there is no other source than your very own Tree of Life. It is critical for conjuration of buildings and also for creatures.

Depending on how much time you set your conjuration to take, different amounts of Mana will be consumed. Click and drag the slider to change the duration of your conjuration and see how it affects the Mana cost of your buildings.

Mana is different from other resources. It can not be transported with Unicorn Carts. Only by summoning a Dragon Egg and choosing the "Send Mana" option for the hero carrying it can you transfer it between your own palaces. But note that the Dragon Egg, the points you got for it and all other resources that were needed to summon it will be lost!