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Quests are tasks given by your Tree of Life that will help you get to know Xhodon and the interface easily. Explaining the whole game with all it's twists in some quests is most likely impossible, but they give the player an understanding of the basics. Additionally there are rewards in form of Creatures and Resources.

Target Audience

Quests serve mostly to introduce new players to the game, but experienced browser game players may also find useful information about Xhodon's special features.

How Quests Work

Button Quests in the Menu Bar
  • Click "Quests" in the top menu

The Quest list
  • The Quest list shows all Quests available to you

One Quest's description
  • Click a Quest to read its description
  • Then click "Accept" to accept that Quest
  • Fulfill the tasks asked of you

An example Quest reward
  • Once you have done that, return to the Quest menu and click the Quest to receive your reward

Last Quests

As one of the last Quests, you will be asked to leave Newbie Protection. After completing this task, you receive some more Quests that will give you tips on further playing. Of course, if you need or want more information or have questions, you can always search this wiki or use the Hall Chat's question channel.

List of Quests

Quest Goals Rewards
Your School of Herbs Conjure School of Herbs Level 1 Herb Essences 200 Crystal Splinters 500 Power Stones 200 Gold Resin 800 Mana 550 Rune 1
Your Palace Name Rename your Palace Herb Essences 200 Crystal Splinters 400        
Individual Profiles Look at three Profiles       Gold Resin 125 Mana 250  
Your First Cave of Crystals Conjure Cave of Crystals Level 1 Herb Essences 100       Mana 500  
My Friend Grimnismal Find out the name of Grimnismal's Guild     Power Stones 50   Mana 150 Rune 1
The Question Mark Icons Read the question mark information
next to the mana bar
  Crystal Splinters 300 Power Stones 50      
Your First Hero Statue Conjure Hero Statue Level 1   Crystal Splinters 400     Mana 500  
Your Rank and Your League Find out your rank and league Herb Essences 100 Crystal Splinters 500        
Where Am I? Find out your coordinates     Power Stones 50 Gold Resin 350    
Your First Hero Create a Hero Unicorn Carts 1  Goblins 3  & Magical Eye for 2 days
Your Hero and His Name Rename your hero         Mana 300 Rune 1
Your First Creatures Transfer the creatures to your hero Herb Essences 10 Crystal Splinters 10 Power Stones 10 Gold Resin 10 Mana 10 Rune 1
Sentinel Raid Loot a sentinel level 1 Goblins Mana 400 Rune 1
Your Tree of Life Conjure your Tree of Life to level 2 Herb Essences 100       Mana 200  
Your Present: A Resource Delivery Receive Grimnismal's resource delivery         Mana 350 Rune 1
Your First Message Read the message     Power Stones 100   Mana 250  
Your Stone Root Conjure Stone Root Level 1   Crystal Splinters 150     Mana 200  
Question Mark Icons, Part Two Find out the duration of one tick   Crystal Splinters 50     Mana 200  
Grimnismal's Guest Book Leave a message in Grimnismal's guest book     Power Stones 70 Gold Resin 300   Rune 1
Design Your Magician Change your appearence in the Profile     Mana 300
The Magical Items Find out the requirement for wearing items Herb Essences 100 Crystal Splinters 100
Grimnismal's Friend Find out Grimnismal's friend's name Herb Essences 170 Mana 200 Rune 1
Your Mad Eye Conjure Mad Eye Level 1 Herb Essences 100 Crystal Splinters 150 Power Stones 50 Gold Resin 350
Invite a Friend into your Area Invite a friend to Xhodon Mana 3000 Rune 2
Grimnismal's Family Tree Find out the name of the fourth
member of Grimnismal's Family Tree
Gold Resin 200 Mana 300
Your Battle Report Read the battle report from your raid Gold Resin 1000
Check Your Hero! Guide your hero back to your palace Herb Essences 200 Crystal Splinters 150 Rune 1
Your Secret Cavern Conjure Secret Cavern Level 1 Unicorn Carts 1  Goblins 1 Rune 1
The Secret Cavern and Your Creatures Transfer the creatures from the
Secret Cavern to your palace
Crystal Splinters 150 Mana 200
Your Acquired Resources Transfer the resources from the
hero to your palace
Gold Resin 300 Mana 230
Sentinel Raid - Part Two Loot another sentinel level 1 Goblins 8
Magic Usage Activate the angel Suéntia Rune 5
Trading Use the Merchant of Magic Rune 3
Exchanging Pearls Exchange pearls with another player Gold Resin 900 Mana 800
Your Xhodotorian Cocoon Conjure Xhodotorian Cocoon Level 1 Herb Essences 200 Mana 450 Rune 1
How much does a Goblin cost? Find out one Goblin's Power Stone cost Herb Essences 10 Crystal Splinters 10 Power Stones 10 Gold Resin 10 Mana 10 Rune 1
Transfer Resources and Creatures Transfer resources and creatures
from the hero to your palace
Power Stones 50 Mana 350
Your Breeding Pit Conjure Breeding Pit Level 1 Gold Resin 900 Mana 800 Rune 2
Creatures Summon four Goblins Herb Essences 100 Crystal Splinters 300 Power Stones 50 Mana 500
The Unicorn Cart Find out one Unicorn Cart's resource capacity Power Stones 150 Mana 650
The Summoning of Unicorn Carts Summon 5 Unicorn Carts Gold Resin 900 Mana 1000 Rune 1
Newbie Protection Leave Newbie Protection Herb Essences 1500 Crystal Splinters 2000 Gold Resin 2000 Mana 1000 Rune 5
Goblins 10 & Magic-Account for 5 days
Deep Meditation Meditate to level 1 Gold Resin 2000 Mana 2000
The Skill Tree Distribute at least one skill point Gold Resin 5000
Activate Item Don and activate an item Gold Resin 4000 Rune 1
Your Second Battle Hero Create a second battle hero Power Stones 5000 Mana 3000 Rune 3
Plant a New Tree Get a second palace Gold Resin 3000 Mana 8000 Rune 5
Conjure a Crystalline Catapult Conjure Crystalline Catapult Level 1 Crystal Splinters 15000 Mana 3000 Rune 4
Conjure Ice Warriors Summon 20 Ice Warriors at once Gold Resin 2000 Mana 10000 Rune 5
Sentinel Level 2 Loot a sentinel level 2 Root Wights 20 Root Wights Gold Resin 3000 Rune 3
Artefact Hunt Seize an artefact Root Wights 50 Root Wights Gold Resin 3000 Mana 9000 Rune 2