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Link Forum in the Menu Bar

The official forum serves the communication among the players as well as between players and the Team.

Just click on the link "Forum" at the upper left corner in the menu bar, see picture.

The forum contains the rules of the game, announcements and threads where you can do requests, report a bug or search combatants for a guild. There is also a separate place for small talk and off topic conversations.

It is not necessary to register in the forum again. With the registration to Xhodon the access is automatically set up to the forum. Login name and password for forum are identical with those for the game.

The user profile and the mailbox of the forum are regardless of those in the game. But after all some messages as for example messages about attacks are forwarded by the game to the forum.

At the User Control Panel the user has access to his private messages, view his own posts and can edit his profile for example his signature, see picture.

Guild Boards

There is a chance to have your own space in the Xhodon forum for your guild. If you wish such a guild board, then please send me a PN with following informations to the forum: lanro:

  • Name of the board or guild
  • Name of the master or moderator of the forum
  • Name of the subforum which you would like to have in your board.