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The overview shows the entire team at a glance Xhodon - ordered by the world and function. If you're not sure who can help you, you should have a look below to read the job description of each area.

Global Troll World Dwarf World
(GmbH-/Game Management)
  • Dichtung (m)
  • Kraftstein (m)
  • Lanro (m)
(Development, Bugfixing)
  • Nobody0 (m)
  • Poilf (m)
  • Lord (m)
Community Manager (CM)
(Team Management, SGM / SMH / SMOD / SHW-complaints)
  • PurpleDream
Super Gamemaster (SGM)
(GM/MH-Applications, GM-Complaints)
Gamemaster (GM)
(Game Support)
Super Multihunter (SMH)
Multihunter (MH)
Super Moderator (SMOD)
(MOD applications, complaints MOD)
Moderator (MOD)
(Forum Moderator)
  • kizeren

Hall administrator
(Technical problems / questions to the chat)
  • Master-of-Magic (m)
Super Hall guard (SHG)
(HW-applications, hardware problems)
Hall guard (HG)
(Chat Moderator)
  • Cobayashimaru
  • Kizeren
  • Immortelle
Wikiteam (WT)
(Wiki updates)
  • Rakoon
  • kizeren

Job descriptions

The job descriptions are for guidance and to help understand the individual functions. Here you will find explanations for the various items from the above summary table.

Game management and development

While the administrators and developers are usually active in the background and should not be written directly by players. They take care of the further development of the game, bugfixing, balancing finances and all the paperwork that comes with a limited liability company itself.


They are the founders and inventors of Xhodon and ensure that the store is running. Also, symptoms over the community manager at Power Stone will be addressed.


The programmers are responsible for the development of the game and fight the bugs in the game.

Community Manager (CM)

For complaints about the super-moderator, the super-hall monitor, the super-GMs and the Super Multi Hunter you can contact the community manager. It is also generally responsible for the Xhodon team and cares about the community.


The game is the team contact for all things about the game itself, it also handles all support requests.

Super Game Master (SGM)

The Super Gamemasterin manages the Game Master team and is responsible for applications as well as complaints about Game Masters Game Masters.

Game Master (GM)

The GMs are your contacts in the game if you have questions or problems, or the victim of a bug (feature error) will. They care about the game support. Reach them are either on the support button in the upper left corner in the game or chatting in the beginner / channel issues.

Super Multi Hunter (SMH)

The Super Multihunterin manages the team of multi-Hunter and is responsible for complaints about Multihunter.

Multi Hunter (MH)

If the contact person when it comes to violations of the rules-game ( game rules ), such as: multi-account (several of accounts one person), insults (ingame), Pushing , offensive hero or palace name, bashing , other rule violations. Messages to the best ever on the support button above or as PN (identified by their guild tag: x-mh in each world) to the accounts of Multihunter guild.


The Forum Team is responsible for the moderation of the forum , including the Felúndin.

Super moderator (SMOD)

The super moderator cares primarily to the moderating team and is also responsible for such applications or complaints.

Moderators (MOD)

The moderators manage Xhodon forum . Watch out for clarity and compliance with the Forum Rules and Netiquette .

Hall / chat

The team in the chat deals with the visits of the hall and serves as a contact person for all things around the hall chatting .

Hall Administrator

The hall administrator is responsible for technical administration of the hall. He cares about the rights management and the configuration of the rooms. If you have technical questions about the chat, it is the right person.

Super hall guard (SHG)

The super hall guard leads the team and hall monitor is, therefore, direct contact with complaints of cervical or applications for the hall monitor.

Hall guard (HG)

The hall monitor moderate the chat hall . Make sure that the hall rules are adhered to and are always available for questions or problems