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Class Separation

The class system determines which players may attack each other. It serves to keep a certain level of balance between attacker and defender in battles. This prevents stronger players from raiding considerably weaker players.

The class system is applied only to players who have left Newbie Protection. Players who still have this protection are always in the red class (see below).

Other players are divided into three groups (In Might View) depending on the difference between your points and theirs, which are:

  • players with more than 20% (Troll) or 30% (Dwarf) of your points
  • less than 20% (Troll) or 30% (Dwarf) of your points
  • Same as red, but inactive for 7 days or more

For example, a player with 7,000 points would be in the red class for someone with more than 70,000 points, but in the blue class for anyone between 10,000 and 35,000 points.

The Classes

The class another player is sorted in determines whether you can attack them (Green, Blue) or can't attack them (Red).

Defending other players is always allowed and does not depend on your points.


Players with more than 20% (Troll) or 30% (Dwarf) as many points as the attacker are in this class. They can be attacked without any special cases. Creatures lost in a battle will not be resurrected.


Players with less than 20% (Troll) / 30% (Dwarf) your points can not be attacked. They are sorted into this class and marked red. Players with Newbie Protection are also in this class.


Same as Red, but inactive for 7 days or more.

Lower Limit Attack

The lower attack limit is 20% for Troll and 30% for Dwarf of your points. Example In Troll, you have 100,000 points. Thus, your opponents are divided into the following categories:

  • over 20,000 points
  • below 20,000 points
  • The player is inactive.

The classes

Assignment to a class determines whether the selected Mage (players)

  • Can be attacked (green),
  • can not be attacked (red) or
  • of each player can be attacked (blue).

In a mad eye is a further distinction:

  • over 70% of its points
  • over lower atttack limit of its points

Losing Attack Protection

If you do not log into your account for one week, you are considered inactive. This will put you into the blue class for anyone who would have previously seen you in the red class. In other words: you become attackable for everyone. You regain protection once you log in.

The same happens if you attack a player with more than 10 times your points yourself or participate in an attack (through a war camp). The player will be able to attack you for the next 48 hours, during which you are in their blue class instead of the red one as before. Note: This does not occur with spy attacks.

If you are attacked during one of these periods, you receive resurrection depending on the difference between your and the other player's points as usual.

Coloured Display Ingame

Appropriately to the colour regulation described above, players, heroes and palaces are marked in your Might menu and the Mad Eye.

Other Regulations

  • In war camps, the participant with most points determines whether the war camp can or cannot attack a player.
  • Of the resurrected creatures' experience points, attacker and defender get 25%.
  • All rules explained here for attacks also apply for siege from the Crystalline Catapult.