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The Account-Settings can be found by clicking the equally named button in the menue of the profile.


Change Password & E-Mail-Address

You can change your password and E-Mail-Address here. The change of the E-Mail-Address will require a new identification, to prove the correctness of it.

Usage of the same IP and/or the same computer

If several players go online using the same internet access, an outsider can't define, if it is one or more than one player. As the Rules prohibit more than one account per person, you have to note the sharing of the internet access here.

The current rules can be read [1] here.

Extract from the rules (Up to date on the 23.01.2010):

§1 Players and Accounts

Each player is allowed to own and play only one account per Xhodon World. You can play in multiple Xhodon worlds with one account or establish individual accounts in each game world (different nick name and e-mail addresses). More than one account per game world is prohibited.

§1.1.2 Shared IP

When two or more players share an Internet access, these players need to inform the administrators about it (Profile-> Account-Settings-> shared IP and Computer use). Accounts sharing an Internet access are not allowed to trade or send resources to each other. They are also not allowed to act jointly on any war activities. Both of these activities may be allowed if they contact the community manager and follow any instructions to do with this, that he gives to them.

Delete Account

If you click "Apply for Deletion" and then "Ok", the account will be put down for deletion. To prevent accidental deletion, the process of deletion will be cancelled, if you log in during the following 3 days.


Sitting is the process of looking after another players account by order of the to-be-looked-after account. This function is only available to keep the account alive. To log into someone elses account using a passwort is classified as "Multi-Account-Using" and is illegal, due to the Rules.

If a player can't access xhodon for a while but doesn't want someone else to look after his or her account, he or she can use the Vacation-Mode.


The current rules can be read in the Forum.

Start Sitting-mode

Any player, who decides, that he wants to have his account sitted will have to enter the name of the sitted person here, next to the starting date and the time in days, that the account should be sitted. The chosen sitter will find a link to log in to the account at this same point.

Giving away your password is unnecessary and prohibited!

If the account owner logs into his account within the given period of time, he will end the sitting process.


The vataion mode will closedown the account for the given period of time, however, the account can't be attacked during the time, either.


  • The period of time is set to a maximum of 40 days per round or within a year.
  • The minimum ammount of time for vaccation is set to 3 days and if the owner logs in, the vacation mode will continue to the end of these 3 days.
  • If the account owner logs in after 3 days have passed, he will be able to leave vacationmode early.
  • Vacationmode cannot be re-activated within 5 days of it ending.
  • It cannot be activated as long as heroes are in a war camp.
  • Vacation can be set to an hour-exact time.


  • As long as activated, your palaces won't be deleted within 3 weeks (in case of the purchase of runes - 6 weeks) of inactivity. In case you don't log in again, it will be deleted 3 (6) weeks after the vacation mode ends.
  • the account is un-attackable, however, attacks which were ordered before the vacationmode started will be continued.
  • the resource production will be lowered to 20% of normal, the mana production to 80%.
  • In case a artifact is owned, it will be lost and re-allocated to a sentinel level A.
  • Any creature order or conjuration process will be completed.
  • as long as activated, you cannot access any games in game, the forum and the Hall Chat are obtainable, however.

Start Vacation mode

To start vacation mode, the player has to enter the start date and time as well as the date and time of the player returning.

Other worlds

Here, you can see statistics of your current world and - in case there are several game worlds - you can switch between them. Currently, there is only the troll world in Xhodon EN.


Start chat automatically
If activated, the Hall Chat will start automatically, whenever you log in ingame.
Game Notifications
If activated, you will receive notifications on your palace screen sometimes, in which tips and comments may appear (e.g. Grimnismal's attack when leaving Newbie Protection
News and Information Mails
To be done.
shortened version
This option deactivates the graphics in the Mad Eye. Palaces, Heroes and war camps will be displayed as numbers afterwards.
Question mark reset?
If activated, every question mark in the game will be re-activated.