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What is TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak is a voice conferencing software that allows users to communicate over the Internet or a LAN. TeamSpeak is optimized for use in online games, it has a low CPU utilization and low data transfer rates. It supports the codecs CELP, GSM and Speex in steps from 3.4 kbit / s up to 25.9 kbit / s. It is free for non-commercial use. The TeamSpeak server is not an offer of Trollgames GmbH, but is under the full responsibility of ActinoideSoft. Main contact is the user 'Acti. " For questions and comments to him in the forum you can send one of Xhodon PN. Or you turn away directly via offline message on the server 'Acti. " Prerequisites

For use with TeamSpeak, you need a main processor with 166MHz clock, 64 MB RAM and about 6 MB of free hard disk space, in addition to the client, a full-duplex sound card and a speaker and microphone. This is very technical but today everyone has far more computer components than these minimum requirements. Installing and setting up TeamSpeak

To participate in discussions you will need the TeamSpeak 3 client. The installation file you get here-> TS3 installation file and follow the installation instructions will start after the TeamSpeak software by double clicking. It should open the TeamSpeak Wizard to set up the software. Here you can select a name and make basic settings for the microphone.

- Installation Documentation> Wiki in the official TS Connection with the Xhodon TeamSpeak server

To help you connect to the TeamSpeak server of Xhodon, click on the menu bar, click "Connections" then "Connect". In the opening screen you fill in the fields as follows:

   Server Address: 6666 
   Nick name: desired name, for example Xhodon Account 
   Server Password: leave (there is none set) 

Have you done everything correctly, you will land right in the lobby of the team speak server. Have you decided to speech-enable and set up correctly, you can also directly losreden already. If you "push to talk" have active, do not forget to always press the appropriate key when you want to say something.

The official wiki's are the illustrated instructions. There you will also find important information for the entry into TeamSpeak. There goes long for TS-wiki> Getting Started Structure of Xhodon TeamSpeak server

The server is comprised of individual channels. Channels have individual rooms. You can entertain you with only the people who are in the same room as their own clicks to enter another room just twice with the mouse on the name of the channel. At the bottom of the window you see TeamSpeak also a conventional chat. Uses this only if you is not talking straight. : P

There are a range of permanent channels on the server, which you can use for entertainment. In the lobby, landing all newcomers. Then goes into one of the Laber best corners in order to share with you the other players.

Furthermore, in each area in the channel description for more information stored. Lest you ask this through to find out, for example, how to open their own channel. Web Links

   Official website - A German wiki