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Questions about Account-Transfer

i want to give my account to another Player. What must i do?

open a Ticket with the support-link (topic: bugsubmission) or write a mail to content: Your own Accountname wich other player is to take over the account? when shall the account be transferred?(when no date is given the account will be transferred as soon as all information is supplied). An account-transfer will need some time.

we need a support-ticked from all people involved.

i want to take over another players account. what must i do?

open a Ticket with the support-link (topic: bugsubmission) or write a mail to content: your own Accountname name of the account you want to take over. what shall happen with my old account after i play the new one(deletion or transfer to another player)?

we need a support-ticked from all people involved.

I'm a portal-player(e.g. Bigpoint, Gametwist, popmog),can i transfer my account?

No.As your account is connected to your portal-account and you log in with a portal link such accounts cannot be transferred.

i play xhodon in several worlds, can i transfer an account just in one world, and go on playing in another?

No. at a transfer the account is transferred as a whole, that is all worlds.

can i keep my old nick?

yes. you go on playing with the same name. changes of nick are only possible 1 month after transfer at the earliest.

can i choose a completely new nick when i take over an account?

No, you keep your old name. other players shall know who it is.

what happens to the runes, that are left over on my old account?

1. when ur old account is deleted you can transfer runes with the runes tranfer link. all runes that are left over will be transferred, limited by the the number you have purchased. you will get the link as soon as your account is deleted. in case there are problems with the link connect to the support.

2. in case you transfer your account the runes stay on the account.

I want to delete or transfer my account. but i have registered our guild chat.what must i do?

before u do that you will have to transfer your founder- rights to another guild member. the order for this is: /msg chanserv set #Channelname founder Username

I have a question, wich is not answered here. what shall i do?

write a PN to MagicM

what will happen in case of account transfer, and in wich order?

after mails of everyone involved have reached us the following will happen: -both acconts are checked for eventual breaking of the rules. -deletion of all rewards on the account that is transferred. only cristallwar-rewards can be transferred from old to new account. please inform us in your mail when u have such rewards and want to take them with you. -change of the mail adress of the account wich is to be transferred and change of nick of said account. -you get a mail with the information about the account transfer. in this mail you will find the new password, please change it immediately. in case this does not work please request a new password with the "password forgotten"- function.