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The following example explains how to loot Sentinels. Other possible targets are palaces and heroes who are not moving (except Pegasuses). The procedure is basically the same for all of them (although for attacking another player's palace you may want to take precautions like spying).

In this example the target are Sentinels level 1. You can loot those with a minimum of 15 Goblins and about 10 Unicorn Carts to carry the loot. Beginners shouldn't attempt to hunt down sentinels of higher levels until they have got a horde of at least 300 AS (attack strength - each Goblin has 1 AS), which should suffice for sentinels level 2.

Determining the target's location

Sentinel level 1
Sentinel in the area information

First, click the Mad Eye (top right corner in the menu bar). To the right of the map, you will find a drop-down list labeled "Sentinels:", which allows you to display sentinels of a certain level. Choose "1", and (hopefully) in some areas within your sight range, the dragon head as shown here in the picture to the right will appear (if it doesn't, that means there are no sentinels level 1 within sight). Click an area where one of these heads is displayed. In the area information list to the left now click "Send Hero" (see image to the right).

Ordering movement

Menu "Send Hero"

Clicking the "Send Hero" link will lead you to the Hero menu. Choose a hero to loot the sentinel. The destination coordinates and the field "Mission" should already be set to the sentinel's location and "Loot".

If you want your hero to return to your palace after the battle, click the drop-down list below "Return to:" and choose your palace.

Additionally, you may want to adjust the resource priority. In case you don't have enough Unicorn Carts to carry all the loot, the carts will first load all resources with top priority, then those with second priority etc.

(Unlike in the screenshot, your hero should preferably not have resources loaded already.)

Please note:

The priority adjustment may work better in Mozilla Firefox than in Internet Explorer, just as the Mad Eye map loads faster in Firefox.

The amount of loot depends on how strong the sentinel was. Even sentinels of the same levels have varying strength, so you may suffer greater losses from one sentinel while another one hardly hurts you.

Finally, click the button "Send Hero" to give the command.

At the bottom of the Palace screen there is a list of "Heroes in Motion". It shows the destination coordinates, time and the mission of any hero moving inside your Mad Eye's range of sight. You may have to click "Show more" or "Show all" to see the whole list.
After sending your hero, click "Destination" to order the list by destination coordinates. Now check if any other hero is moving to the hero you just sent your hero to. If there are other competitors, check if your hero arrives before the others. If your hero arrives after another one, the sentinel will most likely already be dead when you arrive there, so it is probably best to call your hero back by giving him a command "Move" to your palace.
It is possible that another hero starts later than yours but arrives earlier anyway, so if you sent your hero to travel a longer distance, you may need to check every now and then if anyone else has sent their hero with a shorter distance in the meantime.